Painting Workshop this summer with Miguel Coronado. Madrid.



5 day workshop

Date. 13-17 July 2020

Place. Alcobendas (Madrid)

Cost. €450


The workshop lasts for five days.

The objective is to deepen the knowledge and development of the pictorial language.

I would like to do it discovering the importance of the creative process, emphasizing the need to start from the analysis of the forms and learn to build in a synthetic way.

The theoretical and practical contents about drawing, color, matter and surface arise immediately with the development of the exercises.

It is clear that doing this group learning results in great wealth, since we all have something to say from painting and can learn a lot from each other.


 The workshop will take place in Madrid.


 The starting point will be the natural: still life and model.


 The working days will be developed according to the following schedules:

From 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.




 The work technique will be oil. You can use the mediums that you usually use in addition to turpentine essence (turpentine).



As for the colors it is very important that the primaries are not lacking.

I use Cadmium Red, Medium Cadmium Yellow and Cyan Blue. Personally I use Titan and you can find them with those names.

I also use:


Titanium White, Geranium Lacquer, Scarlet Titan Red, Light Permanent Red, Cadmium Yellow Orange, Indian Yellow.


Roasted Shadow Earth, English Red, Roasted Siena Earth, Violet English Red.


Cyan Blue, Light Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Titan Violet, Magenta, Dark Solid Garanza Carmine.


Light Titan Green, Composite Green, Teal, Veronese Green.


Ivory Black


It is not mandatory that you buy them all or be the same.

It is an orientation. They serve all colors but you can not miss the primaries.

Then everything is a matter of taste.



As for the brushes there is a lot of variety. Everyone has to find those with whom he is comfortable and fit his needs.

It would be nice to have a variety of sizes.

I work with round and flat ox hair brushes, between numbers 6 and 14 (Escoda). They are very soft. Keep in mind that the hardest brushes (bristle and some synthetic) load and drag the paint well and the softer brushes (Ox, marten, synthetic) deposit the paint very well on the support and do not "scratch".

Each has its function and are designed for a specific result. It takes time to know what we need.

Also some medium synthetic hair sow or bristle.


You can work with all kinds of materials but it is essential to have the "right" to get results.


It is also ESSENTIAL that the brushes are in perfect condition. You have to clean them very well after each session.


Also spatulas, pencils, rags, boats and the rest of the things you need.

As for the supports you can bring board, cloth or paper. You must be ready with Gesso.


I think it is convenient to use small and medium sizes. Maximum size 60 cm on its longest side. Something like 20x20, 30x30, 20x30, 30x40 or similar.


It is advisable to have several supports available throughout the course.


You are free to consider the exercises as fast-running spots and perform several during the workshop, or alternate them with other more elaborate exercises with a more complex process.




It is not necessary to bring easel or portable table. That material will be available in the Workshop.


 As much as possible, I would like you to bring some photos of your latest works in order to have more references and to be able to orient you better. We can also see them online.